Thursday, November 12, 2009

Visual Telephone

Topic: Visual Telephone
Date: November 12, 2009
Run by: Teija Springman
Notes by: Matt Adams
Attendees: Marvin Gaviola, Lyra Pitzman, Kinsey, Tim May, Matt Adams, Kerwin Carmbot, Teija Springman, Nitya Waklu
Libations: Coke Zero, Coke Classic, Drop Top Amber, Mirror Pond Pale Ale
Ingredients: Notecards, pens, whiteboards


4:00 - The Game of Telephone
We began VTS by drawing immediately. We all took a notecard and wrote a simple phrase of business terminology on it. Next we passed the cards to the person on the left and they were to draw a picture of the phrase. They then covered the first card with their drawing and passed them to the left again. The next person had to look at the drawing and write words describing the scene on it. Next person, drew that, next person wrote what they say. We repeated this until the original owner got their concept back. At the end, we had some pretty silly evolutions.

4:30 - Building a Visual Language
Next we recorded a bunch of common business words and terms on the whiteboard then split into two teams to create simple visual versions of the words. We presented the results tot he classroom.

5:00 - Storytelling
The two teams took opposite groups of business visuals then set upon the task of creating and drawing a fictional story that included every image from the previous exercise. Hi-jinx and hilarity ensued. The teams took turns telling their stories to the classroom.

4:50 - + / △

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