Saturday, April 10, 2010

Design the perfect _______.

Design the perfect _______.
Date: April 1, 2010
Run by: Matt Adams
Notes by: Matt Adams

Attendees: Mike Beaulieu, Andrew McDonald, Nitya Wakhlu, Robert Schroeder, Ben Cerezo, Joel Ryan Brandon, David Vanadia, John Kurz, Debbie Zetik-Kurz, Brooke IllaHuston, Jodi Sweetman, Teija Springman, Chris King, Graham Barey, Tim May, Kerwin Carmbot, Charyl Looper, Matt Adams

Libations: Drop Top Amber, Full Sail Amber

Ingredients: YouTube, whiteboards, chart markers, chart paper, 3x5 notecards, Postits


4:00 - Introduction
After attendees gathered and took their seats in the Ant room, we welcomed everyone and gave a brief background to the history and culture of Visual Thinking School at XPLANE.

4:05 - Drawing Lesson
Everyone can draw. I gave a slightly different twist on the drawing lesson today, explaining Dave Gray’s, “Visual Alphabet.”

4:10 - Icebreaker
Everyone folded a notecard in half and wrote their name on one side. On the other side, people drew either their most favorite invention ever, or a great invention that they have created.

4:20 - Movie Time!
Out came th popcorn and we watched a couple inspirational clips. First, we watched then discussed the Nightline DeepDive from 1999, “One Company’s secret weapon for Innovation”
| The YouTube Video

We then watched Dave Gray’s introduction to his new book, Knowledge Games (retitled, Gamestorming), where he speaks about how he set the priorities, or success metrics for the book. Time Code: 00:00 to 06:14
| The video | The book

4:30 - Brainstorm Post-up
People filled three post-its each with ideas or products they thought were in desperate need of redesign. Once everyone presented and affinity-mapped their notes on the wall, we all dot-voted for the best ideas. The top five ideas were:
  1. Clamshell display packaging
  2. Flossing your teeth
  3. Wire mayhem created by too many electric devices
  4. Airport security lines
  5. How cats destroy your stuff

4:40 - Breakout - Group Exercises
People split into five groups of three or four members then the groups headed to corners of the studio and were directed to:
  1. Select the top success criteria for their redesigns
  2. Design and draw their solutions in 20 minutes

5:20 - Regroup - Presentations
Everyone brought their newly drawn works and gathered again in the Ant room were each group took turns presenting their work.

5:45 - + / △

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